Welcome to Buckminster

Buckminster is a forward-thinking organisation responsible for the stewardship of land and buildings in and around the villages of Buckminster and the town of Grantham. Our main aim is to continue to enhance these assets through careful upgrade or development orientated to economic, social and environmental investment for the benefit of future generations. We make easy-to-manage commercial property investments both in and outside the area to ensure the diversified business model is sustainable.  

We seek to inform and explain to our various communities all that we do. Whether you are already living or working here, or perhaps planning to venture with us, we encourage you to explore the opportunities the area and Buckminster has to offer.


We are committed to partnering with developers and promoting developments designed to enhance and encourage growth of the local economy, whilst always respecting heritage and the environment. We play a supporting role in urban and rural developments, delivering Biodiversity Net Gain which aims to improve wildlife habitats. As a long term owner it matters to us how the developments sit with the local town and landscape.

Key developments include:


We preside over a patchwork of woodland providing attractive scattered amenity plantations spread throughout the Estate. The management of our woodland is framed in a long-term plan with new plantings supported by Government schemes helping us to achieve sustainable management and enhance surrounding wildlife habitats. Each year we plant an average of 5,000 trees. Our schemes are carefully managed in order to help mitigate against the effects of climate change, disease and wildlife browsing, and are registered with the UK Woodland Carbon Code, a quality assurance standard for woodland creation projects. 

Farmed environment

The majority of Buckminster land has been farmed by generations of tenants, but a significant area is now farmed in-hand and is committed to various Natural England stewardship schemes to safeguard the future of British farming and enhance the local biodiversity. The land use is predominantly arable for mixed cropping, but also pasture for sheep, cattle and dairy cows.

Land to let rarely becomes available due to established relationships with local farmers and the statutory protection legislation provides to long-standing tenants. We are increasingly looking to grant longer term farm business tenancies to enable the best decisions to be taken for the sake of our soils, biodiversity and productivity. Diversification has sustained some businesses, and we would encourage innovation from younger generations of farmers.   

Historically, there has been some extensive ironstone quarrying, lowering the land level. These areas have been restored and brought back in to arable use.

Venue hire

If you are looking for a pristine countryside setting, we have two fine venues available for hire in Buckminster. Buckminster Barn is a converted, traditional farm building full of character with a private garden and panoramic views of the rolling Leicestershire countryside. Our exclusive, secluded Lakeside venue is set in 15 acres of magnificent parkland, surrounded by stunning woodland.

Our community

The strength of our community matters to all of us who live in the area. At Buckminster we are extremely aware of the responsibility we hold: we make it our mission to continually work to be good neighbours and support the local economy through partnership working, whether with local or national Government initiatives, community groups or private enterprise.



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